I am Bieke. Sabina actually, that's what it says on my ID card. But don't hesitate to call me Bieke. I'm starting to love Bie more and more, like in 'To Be'. More ‘Be-ing instead of always doing and having to perform. The older I get, the higher it gets on my list.

I just turned 50 and I admit it's full of mixed feelings: gratitude on the one hand - many people born in my year are not lucky enough to struggle with their age - and some fear of aging on the other hand. (hello and fuck midlife crisis shit). Society and the media are usually not so gentle to women with a bit more age. But maybe that's mostly in my head. 

'Women always remain girls', I love these wise words of the late poet and writer Herman De Coninck. I couldn't have said it better. Big plus: as an older girl I can already look back on a number of beautiful professional projects and I can even tick off my childhood dreams: I work for television, I wrote a book (even two and  I am working on my third book), I have contributed to the design of a clothing collection and I am the face of a cult beauty brand. 

Things I could only dream of as a teenager: making TV, writing, working in the fashion and beauty world,.. they just became reality. 

Wow. Isn’t it?

I know: you can't pigeonhole me unless you want to put the ugly title "Celebrity" on me. I don't like that. Because it says absolutely nothing about who I am. But you do whatever you want. 

I act (ed) -it has been a while, maybe I should work on it again-, I do presentations on stages and on television, I am a news anchor, I moderate a political-social debate program, I sometimes appear in panels and other Celebrity-like things, I do voice work, I write books in which I open up completely, I helped design a clothing collection,   I have a Youtube channel in which I post in yoga videos, some call me an tiny little influencer, although I prefer ‘genuinfluencer’ and I will soon be guiding my first yoga retreat.


And I have to put… here, because who knows in which corners I will still twist, which 'roles' I will still play, which layers of myself I will still peel off, which pieces I will discover and unfold. 

I am also a mother, I shouldn’t forget that. I will always be that, whatever other guises mentioned above. A famous Flemish director once asked me if I wouldn't rather be good at one thing than do a little bit of everything. I had to think very hard about it. Because with his question he insinuated that you can't do many things well (and that there is therefore nothing that I can really do well). Then there would be a maximum on what you can do. That could be. But I still think you can do several things well. Talent is not like a pie which you divide into measured pieces, and when they run out, it's gone; final; done. No, potential is infinite. I think. Only our time is limited. Unfortunately. Curiosity, the search for beauty and integrity are the common threads through everything I do. Whether it's designing a dress or interviewing a minister: I'm curious, I dig for beauty (yes, even in a political interview!) and I want to maintain integrity at all times. True to myself: a constant work in progress.

Bit by bit I want to sculpt away all that is not me.
Does that make sense to you?

Above all, I want to live a full life, even if it is sometimes messy. And maybe, just maybe I can inspire you to bring out the best, the purest and the most beautiful in yourself. 

I want to leave a little bit of sparkle, wherever I go.

There are people who have one great passion and go all out for it. I think that's wonderful. But there are also people who have multiple passions and want to let all those passions blossom. You can put me in that last box. That's where I feel best. 

So welcome to my house with many compartments.

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