Embrace Yourself - Yoga Retreat France

  24-08-2021     Comments (0)

Embrace Yourself - Yoga Retreat France ‘Embrace Yourself’: that’s the theme of the first yoga-retreat I will guide in ‘Domaine les Barreaux’ in France. You can call it a search for yourself, in a relaxing way, in the pure and beautiful surroundings of the French Auvergne. Be gentle to yourself. More BE-ing, less DO-ing. We are going to peel off layers and take a deep dive inward: with a magnifying glass, but with sellove and compassion.  How?  We wiil practice breathing exercises to break through emotional blocks, mediation that leads to our core, we will walk in nature: our greatest teacher. We will sit in silence together or share our souls if we feel like it. We will write to liberate ourselves from fears and selfdoubt.  We will add a touch of yoga to our days. No need to have experience, just be open and...

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