FUCK(ing) Perfect (NOVEMBER 2021)

Inspiratie voor een leven vol zin, ziel en sprankel. (Translated: Inspiration for a life full of meaning, soul and sparkle)

About PPP: Perfectionism, Pleasing and Achievement. About (allowing yourself to occasionally) crash, fight, dance, feel and taming jealousy and voices in your head. About fun without function, about being a light, daring to shine, accepting compliments, about living full of meaning and soul and sparkle. About soul tribes, witch-things, fueling self-love and embracing yourself as you are: perfectly imperfect.

'Fuck(ing) Perfect. Inspiration for a life full of meaning, soul and sparkle.' That's the Title. It's about learning to embrace our messy but magical lives. Most people know it: being insecure, not feeling well, having a fear of failure, experiencing the (self-imposed) pressure to be perfect (or want to) and all the frustrations that come with it. I struggle with this too, but I don't settle for a rippling life.

I strive for the ultimate expression of who I am, I want to find my own voice and put my own stamp on what I do. I want to learn how to embrace myself more lovingly. In all my perfect imperfection. Without mercy (unapolegetic). 

That's why I dig deep into myself and look for a way to accept mess and turn it into something magical. This book is my work in progress, like myself. 

I want to help people who seem stuck in their lives and are constantly spinning in circles through doubts, fears, a feeling of emptiness, inferiority, listlessness and a lack of self-love. I want to inspire them with stories, experiences and concrete tips to regain meaning, soul and sparkle in their lives. In this way they can bring out the best in themselves and live their life to the fullest. Without knowing all the answers. 

Not a Q&A, rather a Q&Q. I walk with you. 

Life as it can be: Fuck(ing) Perfect! Messy, but magical. 

Writing this third book is also a process of ups and downs, of hope and despair, of trust and panic. It's still very messy in my head for now, but I hope you'll be able to read the book by the end of October. The book is published by Houtekiet. I'll keep you posted here.

And meanwhile: en-joy the beautifull messiness called life my friends! And leave some sparkles…

Gezondig (Translated: Healthy-Guilty pleasures)

Balanceren  tussen gezond en ongezond op en neer, dank u en fuck you. (Translated: Balancing between healthy and unhealthy, up and down, thank you and fuck you.)

After the insights I gained while researching and writing "An Older Girl's Quest for Eternal Beauty and Great Happiness" I set to work with my own life-enhancing advice. Every day I try to find a good balance between what is healthy and unhealthy, for body and mind. Between wanting to be virtuous and secretly enjoying sinning, between lavishly throwing thank you’s around and occasionally daring to raise a cheeky fuck-you middle finger, between going up and down in life. In this book I tell with a healthy dose of self-relativity about my small and large daily balancing exercises as a wife, mother, career woman, television producer, journalist, friend, perfectionist, devoted yogini, aspiring author, vain lady, vulnerable bird, seemingly self-assured style icon, eternal seeking soul and just... as a human being. The book is a collection of candid, recognizable, sometimes moving and sometimes funny stories about daily balancing in life.

De zoektocht van een ouder meisje naar eeuwige schoonheid en groot geluk. (translated: An older Girl's quest for eternal beauty and Great Happiness)

It is already a shock when the girl who looks in the mirror suddenly sees a woman. In An Older Girl's Quest for Eternal Beauty and Great Happiness, I explore what it means to me to be beautiful - both on the outside and on the inside. I consult experts such as psychiatrist Dirk De Wachter, relationship expert Rika Ponnet and orthomolecular doctor Rudy Proesmans and test the sum myself. How do I experience an intensive detox cure? What kind of yoga works for me? And what are the grooming rituals that I can't miss? What prevents me from being fully happy and what are the most important keys to a happy life? An older girl's quest for Eternal Beauty and Great Happiness is not an all-encompassing reference book full of ultimate tips, but a personal quest in which I open myself completely, with a lot of trial and error. Sometimes that is painfully confrontational or touchingly vulnerable, but it is also witty, graceful and, according to many, hilariously recognizable. A book full of personal confessions, inspiring words and - as icing on the cake - a number of delicious, beneficial kitchen secrets.

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