I have loads of role models. People I look up to and from whom I try to learn.
Oprah Winfrey has inspired me through the years with her profound conversations full of meaning and soul. She is powerful and vulnerable at the same time and has an impact on lives. How she always asks the right questions and questions her own life to get the best and most beautiful out of it. How she tries to make the world a bit more beautiful and empower people through her interviews, her Vision Tours, her Super Soul Conversations, her books, her magazine, her being. That's an example for me. It's my secret dream to one day interview her (or be interviewed by her because my books are translated into nine hundred ninety-nine languages and are a worldwide hit, haha ☺).
A woman can dream. A woman must dream. And in the meantime, I try to add 'a touch of Oprah' to everything I do.

Jane Fonda is also in my top three because of her class, her drive, her eternal beauty. How she got the whole world into aerobics in the 1980s and still encourages people to live healthy and stay flexible. Body and mind.
Passed the age of 80, she is still standing on the frontlines against injustice and is the most stylish activist ever. And 'Grace and Frankie' of course! Aging graceful, funny and wise like Jane Fonda and inspire people to live soulful lives: that would be fantastic!
She also wrote several books, including Prime Time. Recommended!

Then there's Glennon Doyle…oh, how I love her! She is by far my favorite writer, maybe my favorite person, although I don't know her personally (dream!). But through her books, her podcast, her Instagram posts, I do feel like I know her. And she always seems to say just what I need.
I love her vulnerability, her genuineness, her boldness. I feel very close to her (though I don't mean to say that I consider myself my favorite person. I wish I had that self-love to be able to say that about myself): I recognize her fears, her liking to be alone, her hating games, her writing about ordinary things, her ups and downs, her not answering emails, phones, messages, her being absolutely not social, so her JOMO (Joy Of Missing Out, yeah! don't have to go to that party!) …Listening to every podcast episode, I think: OMG, that's me  ! So Glennon Doyle : just read all her books and every Tuesday and Thursday there is a new episode of her podcast 'We Can Do Hard Things.'

And then there is my 'Soultribe'. The GIFEW women from whom I learn so much.
About myself, about us together, about life.
GIFEW is the Global Institute for Evolving Women. A platform where women from all over the world come together to learn about themselves and their best life. With numerous programs on personal growth. Transformational!

Through GIFEW I came into contact with Sandra Epstein. She inspires through the wisdom of the Atlantic rainforest. Incredibly captivating and eye-opening.

Without Sandra Deakin I would never have met all these beautiful GIFEW ladies. She is definitely a bright spot in my life. My coach and my friend, an example of someone who resolutely opts for authenticity. Unapolegetic. Enchantingly crazy too! With her podcast: Brightspot radio, she might be able to inspire you too.
In a section called 'Here I am', I should definitely also highlight my yogi side.
Make me experience who I am, as a yogi, as a wife, as a mother, as a daughter, as a friend, as a person: my teachers and my friends: Nicki Forman, Dorinda Farver and Wesley Basset.

And let me drop here some random names of people who inspire me.
 Google them and maybe they'll light up something in you...
Brené Brown, Elizabeth Gilbert, Edith Eger, Richard Barrett, Mark Nepo, Julia Cameron, Emily Maroutian, Don Miguel Ruiz, Oriah Mountain Dreamer, Lewis Howes, Brooke Baldwin, Gabrielle Bernstein, Maya Angelou, Deepak Chopra, Cheryl Strayed, Kahlil Gibran, Matt Kahn, Beth Kempton, Martha Beck, Abby Wambach, Abraham Hicks…

Last but surely not least: my biggest inspiration: my daughters Noa and Milà, my husband Erik, my sweetest friends and saviors in miserable times : Birgit and Meike, ma Nathalie,…and of course my family.

(Then there are also my triggers, my not so good friends, my stumbling blocks, my resistance and sometimes anger generators,… I won't mention them by name. But they too belong - although they may belong in the category 'irritation' then under 'inspiration' - and I allow myself to put them in parentheses too so they know their place in my life)

They all make me who I am.
They make me who I am becoming. 

I am a work in progress.

Here I am.

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